A review on Tokyo Japanese lifestyle

Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle is a retail store that deals in plush toys, kitchen tools, home appliances and stationeries.

The store was created in 2011 and it has so many locations in the United States of America.

If you are looking to get great toys for your kids or perhaps you need household items for your new house. TJL is the perfect store to visit.

With a rating of 4.0, it  is apparent that the customers of TJL are extremely happy with their service.

According to their about us page in their website, the management states that a wonderful customer shopping experience is their major goal.

In order to achieve this goal, certain measures were set in place including;

  • Improving the user interface of their Web application. 
  • Expansion of their products sections
  • Improve delivery time
  • Upgrade user’s information systems

These four major areas were the focus of TJL in order to boost customer service.

It is no surprise that TJL ranks high, their customers are definitely satisfied by their service.

Tokyo Japanese lifestyle stores

The four major TJL stores are located in Little Tokyo, Monterey Park, Temecula, Westfield Valley fair and Westfield Oakridge.

The locations for the store includes,

TJL Little Tokyo 

114 Japanese Village plaza mall, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA.

TJL Monterey Park

500N Atlantic Blur #161, Monterey Park, CA 91754 USA

TJL Temecula

40820 Winchester Rd #2274, Temecula, CA 92591, USA.

TJL Westfield Valley Fair

2855 Stevens creek Blue #1293,Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA.

TJL Westfield Oakridge 

925 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95123, USA.

Tokyo Japanese jobs

TJL headquarters is in Los Angeles, CA. With a revenue of less than a million dollars, TJL has over 1-50 employees. 

It is a retail company that focuses on gifts, household items, souvenirs, kitchen items and stationeries.

The positions in Tokyo Japanese lifestyle stores includes;

  • Storekeeper
  • Cashier
  • Beauty advisor 
  • Customer service/Cashier 
  • Retail sales associate 
  • Cashier/Sales associate 

Tokyo japanese website 

The official website of TJL is mominokitokyojapaneselifestyle.com 

The online store also deals on stationery items,  kitchen items, beauty and health items. The website is user friendly;  it is easy to use, the homepage has easy navigations for;

    New products   

With this button, you can easily access new arrivals in the store. 

You do not need to search or worry about purchasing old products, you can easily use this tool to access recent additions.

    Free shipping

Most times customers are in need of products with the free shipping feature. 

This can take a lot of time to find. TJL has made the process easy by creating a navigation bar that leads you directly to products available for free shipping.

    Buy five get one free

It’s not uncommon for customers to seek wholesale goods on e-commerce sites. 

With this feature available on the homepage, you can easily access wholesale products with additional bonuses on TJL.


Most times you might be saving to buy a particular product however, when the money is complete you discover that the product is out of stock.

This can be very frustrating!

TJL capitalised on this frustrating situation to create a restock navigation button.

You don’t need to spend long hours scrolling through the different products in search of the specific product.

 You can simply click on the restock menu to check if the particular product has been restocked.

    On sale  

When you hear the word sale? You know it means less money for the same products.

Most times, you realize that searching for products that are on sale is time consuming. Guess what? TJL also created a solution.

Click on the sale’s menu to view products that are on sale.

    $5 shipping   

To access products with a shipping fee of $5, you can easily cluck on this button. 

How is TJL rated?

In Glendale, it ranked #4 for toy stores.

What days does TJL open?

Tokyo Japanese lifestyle stores open everyday; however, there are major differences in the timing.

Mondays – Fridays  = 10:00am – 9pm

Saturdays = 10am -8pm

Sunday = 11am -6pm

Payments modalities accepted by TJL includes; Android pay and Credit card.

Tokyo Japanese lifestyle locations 

Az- Phoenix area,Scottsdale, Az,TJL (Scottsdale fashion square).

CA- L.A.Area,Palmate, CA,TJL (Antelope Valley Mall).

CA- L.A. Area, Brea, CA, TJL(Brea Mall).

CA- L.A. Area,Burbank, CA, TJL(Burbank Town center).

CA-L.A. Area, Torrence, CA,TJL(DelAmo fashion centre).

CA-L.A Area, Riverside,  CA,TJL(Galleria At Tyler).

CA-L.A. Area, San Bernardino, CA,TJL (Inland Centre)

CA-L.A. Area, Lakewood CA,TJL(Lakewood center)

CA- L.A. Area, Santa Ana, CA,TJL (Main place mall)

CA- L.A. Area, Victor Valley, CA,TJL (Mall of Victor Valley).

CA- L.A. Area, Montclair, CA,TJL(Montclair place)

CA- L.A. Area, Ventura, CA,TJL(Pacific view)

CA- L.A. Area, Saints Barbara, CA, TJL(Paseo Nuevo)

CA- L.A. Area, West covina, CA, TJL(Plaza West covina)

CA- L.A. Area, Santa Monica, CATJL(Santa Monica place)

CA- L.A. Area, Downey, CA, TJL(Stonewood center)

CA- L.A. Area, Thousand oaks, CA,TJL (The Oaks)

CA- L.A. Area,  Mission viejo, CA, TJL(The shop at mission viejo)

CA- L.A. Area, Sherwani Oaks, CA. (Westfield fashion square shopping centre)

CA- Northern CA, Roseville, CA(Westfield Galleria at Roseville shopping centre)

CA-Southern CA, Escondido CA (Westfield North County shopping centre)

CA-SF Bay area, San Jose, CA

Tokyo japanese lifestyle (Westfield Oakridge shopping centre)

CA-Southern CA, Palm Desert CA, (Westfield Palm Desert S.C)

CA-L.A.Area, Arcadia CA, (Westfield Santa Anita, S.C)

Canoga Park, CA, (Westfield  Topanga S.C)

Valencia, CA, (Westfield Topanga S.C)

CA-SF Bay area, San Jose, CA(Westfield Valley fair shopping center)

CA-L.A Area, Westminster, CA, (Westminster mall)

SC-Myrtle beach, SC, (Coastal grand mall)

TN-memphis area, memphis, (Oak Court mall)

WA-Seattle are, Auburn, (Outlet collection Seattle).

Puyallup, WA, (South Hill Mall)

Seattle WA, (Westfield South center shopping centre)


Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle is headquartered in Los Angeles. The store deals on gifts, souvenirs, household items, kitchen items and stationeries.

With over 10 locations all over the US, TJL has a revenue of less than a million dollars.

TJL customers are happy and satisfied with their customer service, this is evident as TJL ranks #4 in toy stores in Glendale.

 Have you ever made a purchase from the Tokyo Japanese lifestyle? How was the customer service?