6 different wine that can serve as Lillet blanc substitutes

6 different wines that can serve as Lillet blanc substitutes

“Lillet blanc” sounds really sophisticated right? It doesn’t only sound classy and exquisite.

It also tastes amazing.

Lillet blanc is a French wine (French aperitif wine) more specifically a white wine.

Originally it was known as Kina Lillet in 1887, however, in 1986 the name was changed to “Lillet Blanc”

The wine is popularly known for its flavor. Most people refer to the flavor as “crispy and floral”

What do you think, does it sound too good to be true?

I don’t think so because quite a number of people believe that the wine is worth the hype.

We have come to a unanimous conclusion that this wine is amazing.

However, what can you do when this wine is not available.

For this reason, we have curated a list of Lillet blanc substitutes. These wines may not be Lillet blanc however, they have some similarities.

This is the qualifying factor and the reason they made the Lillet blanc substitute list.

Before we discuss the substitute of Lillet blanc, let’s briefly talk about what Lillet blanc tastes like.

Lillet Blanc has a refreshing taste. It is a combination of herbal, crispy, and floral flavors.

These combinations give it an overall sweet-sour taste.

With an alcohol content of 17%, Lillet blanc is majorly used in mixing cocktails.

Therefore, its substitute should include drinks that are a great mix for cocktails.

If you can’t find a bottle of Lillet blanc, then, you need another replacement that can perform its function.

There are quite a few substitutes for Lillet blanc. They may not exactly taste the same, however, they get the job done.

They include, Kina L’Avion D’ Or, Sr Germain, Amaro Angeleno, Reserve Jean De Lillet, Cocchi Americana.

  1. Kina L’Avion D’ Or

Just like Lillet blanc, kina is also a French aperitif wine. Kina L’Avion D’ Or also goes by the name L’ Aero d’ Or which means that “golden aeroplane”.

It was originally manufactured to aid soldiers in taking quinine. Quinine is a very bitter medicine; therefore, in a bid to make quinine a little bit tolerable, kina was created.

Taste: Kina is a complete blend of bitter and sweet.

The golden aeroplane boasts of a golden taste. It is a balance of sweet and sour just like Lillet blanc. It also has a floral taste.

Appearance: Kina has a pure /clear golden appearance.

Aroma: It has an orange or vanilla scent.

Aftertaste: Kina has a bitter and slightly spicy aftertaste.

Ingredients: It has many varieties made from local ingredients found in France. The ingredients include; Cinchona bark and orange peel.

Kina is a great buy more bitter replacement for Lillet blanc.

  1. Cocchi Americana

Cocchi is another replacement or substitute for Lillet blanc. However, just like the golden aeroplane, it is more bitter than Lillet blanc.

Cocchi Americana is made from a combination of ingredients similar to Kina L’ Avion D’ Or.

Ingredients include; Cinchona bark, orange peel, gentian root, and other additional roots and spices.

It’s quite strange that the wine is “Americana” when it actually an Italian aperitif wine.

The name was derived based on two concepts:

  • Americans habit of drinking vermouth together with soda and ice.
  • Amaricato the wine is “bitter” because of the addition of herbs and spices.

Taste: Cocchi has a very complex taste, it is a mix of bitterness, sweetness, and a tone of herbs.

It has a strong bitter taste if you do not have the palate for bitter things. You should not consider purchasing Cocchi Americana.

  1. St Germain

This is a sweeter substitute for Lillet blanc. If you do not like bitter drinks, you need sweeter options like St Germain.

St Germain is a liquor of French origin. It is made from a variety of delicious and tasty fruits.

They include; grapefruits, pear, and other tropical fruits.

Other ingredients it contains include fresh elderflower. The major similarity between Lillet blanc and St Germain is the alcohol content.

They both have the same range of alcohol contents.

St Germain can be a great “stand-alone drink” I.e., you can drink it without combining it with any other drink.

It serves as a great substitute for any drink that requires Lillet blanc.

  1. Amaro Angeleno

This is a California-style liquor; it is made in Los Angeles. The ingredients used in making this product includes; California oranges, bitter roots, and other ripe fruits.

Appearance:  It has a clear golden outlook; no artificial coloration was added to this mix.

Taste: It has a bitter-sweet taste, it is more bitter than sweet.

Flavor: Its Flavour is comparable to that of Lillet blanc. It has an orange and floral flavor.

Aftertaste: Expect a bitter taste after drinking Amara Angeleno.

  1. Reserve Jean de Lillet

The classy Jean de Lillet is a limited product that will be quite difficult to find.

If you are interested in stocking up your wine cellar with a limited wine collection. Then, reserve Jean will be a great addition to your wine collection.

Ingredients: It is made from sweet Spanish orange peels, Haitian bitter oranges, orange liqueur, Semillon, muscadelle, and quinine.

Appearance: It has an orange golden hue.

Flavor: It has a honey flavor. It is great for cocktails; you can also choose to drink it without any combination.

  1. Sweet white vermouth

Here is another Lillet blanc substitute for people that cannot handle a bitter flavor.

There are different brands of sweet white vermouth, Martini Bianco is a good example.

This delicious and refreshing wine is made from a combination of different fruits including orange and grapefruit.

It also contains sweet roots such as licorice.

Vermouth has a bitter-sweet taste, this can be due to quinine present in the drink.

Sweet vermouth pairs well with aged spirits like scotch, bourbon, and rum.

You can use sweet white vermouth for cocktails such as Rob Roy and Negroni.


There are different wines that can serve as Lillet blanc substitutes. Although some might be more bitter or sweet, than Lillet blanc, they can function effectively in its absence.