30 fascinating foods that start with X

foods that start with X
foods that start with X

30 fascinating foods that start with X

The first question on your mind as you saw this article is probably “Have I ever eaten a food that starts with X or are there even foods that start with X?

Food starting with X includes xylitol, Xavier soup, Xigua, Xacuti, Xavier steak, and many other foods globally.

It’s quite fascinating to learn about different foods that start with X.

For the course of this article, drinks, ingredients will all be classified as foods starting with X.

If this seems like a topic you will love to explore, read on to find out the different X foods.

15 foods starting with X

A gum, an ingredient or drink as long as they are edible by humans and begin with the letter “X” is classified as an X food.

They form the bulk of this list.

  1. Xylitol

If you usually read the nutritional fact or ingredients list when you purchase chewing gum from the mall. You should be familiar with xylitol

Most dentists recommend chewing gum containing xylitol. Most people use xylitol as a sugar substitute or replacement.

Unlike the normal table sugar, xylitol is gotten from fibers extracted from plants (berries). Xylitol is popularly known as a sweetness that does not contain calories.

foods that start with X
foods that start with X
  1. Xavier soup

There is a name like “Xavier” however it is quite strange to know that there is actually a soup called “Xavier soup”

Apparently, it was named after Saint Francis Xavier a missionary in the 16th century. During St Francis day, the Xavier soup is served.

The Italian soup is made with chicken broth and parmesan dumplings, it sounds really delicious!

  1. Xavier steak

The third food that starts with X is the Xavier steak. I’m sure you are probably wondering if it is also named after St Francis Xavier.

The answer to your question is a big yes. Xavier steak is another food that is named after St Xavier.

To prepare Xavier steak, you need three basic nutrients which include; steak, Swiss, and asparagus.

Have you ever had a Xavier steak before? What does it taste like?

  1. Xnipec

Do you pronounce this without “X” trying to pronounce “xnipec” sounds a little bit strange right?

Fun fact about “xnipec” it is actually quite a hot food. If you love spicy food then you should definitely try our xnipec.

Xnipec is gaining worldwide recognition, however, it was originally found in Yucatan a Mexican state.

It is prepared with spicy habanero chilis and oranges.

  1. Xanthan gum

If you engage in gluten-free baking, then you should properly know “xanthan gum”

Most people are probably wondering why gum is classified as a food.

Well, it is a food ingredient that starts with “x” bit is an ingredient used in thickening food.

If you are looking for a gluten-free alternative to use in thickening your food. You just found one!

  1. Xia Mi

This Chinese dish made our top list of food that starts with “X”

Just like most Chinese food, “Xia mi” translation in English means “rice shrimp” however it does not contain any rice.

It is prepared with very little shrimp; it is also used as an additive to add a savory taste to Chinese dishes.

  1. Xocalatl

To all the chocolate lovers in the world, we made the list. Xocalatl (Mexican chocolate) is one of the most delicious food or drink in this case that starts with X.

The ingredients you need to prepare Xocalatl include; cinnamon, chili powder, and sweet cocoa.

The description sounds really delicious and tasty. Have you ever had a taste of Xocalatl? What does it taste like?

  1. Xoi

Let’s take a trip to Vietnam the origin of xoi, it is another food that starts with X. The translation of “Xoi” in English is “Rice”

Xoi is primarily a combination of rice with any other ingredients such as beans, eggs, etc.

  1. Xiaolongbao

All these foods starting with X are quite a mouthful.  If you thought “Xnipec “was hard to pronounce then try “xiaolongbao”

This is another Chinese dish; it seems like China has a lot of X foods. Xiaolongbao is a bun with soup stuffings or fillings.

I have no idea what this tastes like, however most people who have had a taste claim that it is very delicious.

  1. Xouba

Xouba is a type of fish present on the coast of Spain. You can also find quite a number of European dishes.

It can be eaten when it is small and also when it has grown into an adult fish.

Most people prefer xouba when it is still small because it is more tender.

  1. Xoconostle

It seems like China and Mexico top the list of X foods. Xoconostle is quite popular in Mexican dishes, it is prickly pear cactus fruit.

This type of fruit is useful in preparing dishes like fresh salsa.

  1. Xacuti

Another X food with origin from Goa in India is Xacuti is gaining worldwide recognition. This is a kind of curry that you prepare with chicken, potatoes and a lot of chiles.

  1. Xigua

Have you heard about a watermelon that has a name? If you haven’t, now you do.

Xigua is a type of watermelon, it is present in Africa, it can be bright right or orange. It is hydrating and very delicious.

  1. Xia

This is a popular food in the world however a lot of people know it as “shrimps”

In China, “Xia” means “shrimp”

There are different ways of preparing shrimps; it is present in many Chinese dishes.

  1. Xidoufen

The final food starting with X is another spicy Chinese delicacy.

Xidoufen is a Chinese soup, you will need garlic, peas, ginger, and chili to prepare it. You can serve it with flatbreads or pancakes for a better combination.


X foods sound like fun, right?

Some sound delicious while others don’t sound like something I will ever like to try out!

Although they have weird and quite difficult names, X foods might be a good vacation idea.

You can decide to explore the world especially China and Mexico to express their foods starting with X.

If you ever think of engaging on such a trip, don’t forget the person that gave you the idea!

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