22 Genius Home Hacks That Help You Save Time And Money

19. Label Your Extension Cords

Extension cords are something that can be found in almost all of our homes. It may take a significant amount of time at times to determine which appliance a cord is connected to. Labeling all of the cords in advance will prevent you from getting confused once you unhook them and will allow you to fix this problem.

20. Fasten a Scent-Spreading Device To A Fan

As soon as you attach a car air freshener to your fan, the odor of your preferred fragrance will be distributed throughout the entire space. You won’t have to waste as much time spraying aerosols, and it will save you a lot of time!

21. Using Pool Noodles to Raise Your Boots to a Standing Position

When we put our boots away, they have a tendency to become creased and flop over, which is not a very attractive look. It is possible to preserve the quality of the material used in our footwear by inserting pool noodles inside the shoes in order to maintain their upright position.

22. Use Milk To Remove A Wine Stain From Clothing

Milk is here to save the day, so there’s no need to shed any tears over spilt wine! The first step is to use paper towels to soak off the wine stain, and then you should pour milk over the remaining red. Wine is readily absorbed by dairy products like milk, for example.