22 Genius Home Hacks That Help You Save Time And Money

16. Construct Your Own Hooks That Won’t Slip

When your blouses keep slipping off the hangers, it may be a very frustrating experience. You might want to try adding hot glue to your hangers in order to keep the garments in place so that you don’t have to continuously picking them up!

17. Use A Magnet As A Nail Holder

When they are lying around the house, nails provide a significant risk to everyone who comes in contact with them. You can secure them to a hammer with the help of a magnet if you want to keep them in place.

18. To Create Additional Room, Make Use Of A Tension Rod

If you need more room for storage under the sink, try installing a tension rod. You won’t have to worry about your cabinet getting cluttered up with spray bottles if you do it this way!