22 Genius Home Hacks That Help You Save Time And Money

12. To Remove Markers, Use Toothpaste As A Remover

It is quite difficult to remove the stain that is left behind by a permanent marker. But there is no need to be concerned. The issue can be remedied with just a speck or two of toothpaste. You could try working the toothpaste into the stain using a circular motion until there is no longer any trace of the toothpaste left. It should no longer be visible either. If this is not the case, the process should be repeated using water.

13. Tablets for the dishwasher come to the rescue

The grimy dishes in your dishwasher don’t seem to be the only item that a little dishwasher tablet can clean. Scrub the tablet on your shower door in circular motions to restore its previous gleaming cleanliness.

14. Make Twice as Much Room in Your Wardrobe

As our wardrobe expands, there is a greater risk of us running out of storage space. You may use soda tabs to make double-sided hangers. By doing it this manner, we can increase the amount of room in our closet by 50%.

15. Using Rubber Bands, Remove Screws That Have Been Stripped

It is difficult to remove a stripped screw since the screwdriver has nothing to hold onto when trying to remove it. In this particular scenario, a rubber band has the potential to offer greater grip and, in the end, to loosen the screw.