22 Genius Home Hacks That Help You Save Time And Money

There are probably a lot of helpful tools lying around your house, and you’re probably not even aware of it. Simply clicking through will allow you to see how much easier they can make your life.

1. Use a diffuser to spread essential oils throughout your bathroom.

Aerosol sprays seem to be the only option for many who wish to get rid of the aromas in the bathroom. Essential oils, on the other hand, have a more potent effect. Simply adding a few drops of this solution into the cardboard of a toilet roll will completely eradicate any unpleasant odor.

2. Always remember to carefully conceal your spare key.

If you still keep your extra key hidden beneath the doormat, you are making it way too easy for thieves to break into your home. Make an effort to come up with a more ingenious hiding place. For instance, you may conceal the key by placing it in a pill bottle, capping the bottle with a pine cone or a stone, and burying the container. This ensures that the key will remain impeccably concealed!