15 Deadly foods you eat everyday

15 Deadly foods you eat everyday
15 Deadly foods you eat everyday

15 Deadly foods you eat every day

Are there some deadly foods you eat every day? How do they affect our bodies and negatively impact our health?

There are some deadly foods you eat every day, it includes food substances packed with lots of sugar, calories, fat, preservatives, and artificial additives.

In a world of fast food and lots of processed foods. It may be very hard to eat healthily, however, it is important that we make the conscious decision to do so.

15 deadly foods you eat every day

1.      Sugary drinks

Sugary drinks made the top of our list of the deadly foods you eat every day. This makes it pretty serious.

There are so many kinds of soda in the world available for different brands and in different flavors. Sodas are packed with a large amount of sugar which is harmful to the health. Sodas have been linked to an increase in obesity as it causes weight gain.

The funny thing about consuming soda is, our bodies do not recognize liquid calories. Therefore, you risk consuming more. When these sugary drinks are consumed in large quantities, it could lead to life-threatening diseases including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Healthier option

Sometimes we really just want to drink something tastier. It is not wrong to want something sweet. However, it becomes bad when it is consumed excessively.

Also, you can make your own homemade fruit drinks using freshly picked fruits from the market. Drinking water is essential for healthy living, our body needs to stay hydrated in order to function effectively.

Our water doesn’t always have to be boring, we can add a little slice of lemon into it in order to introduce a different flavor to the water.

2.      Margarine

A lot of people think that margarine is a healthier option than butter. Is this really true? When we look at both of them, they actually look similar.

Therefore, how exactly does it differ from butter, and is it really a healthier option?

Margarine is absolutely not a healthier choice. Although it contains lesser vegetable oil, it is also packed with trans fat. Food that contains trans fat is linked to an increased risk of obesity, cancer, and heart-related diseases.

If you replace butter with margarine with the belief that it is a better and healthier choice. You are not exactly correct as both butter and margarine have a negative impact on the overall health of the body.

Margarine or butter are definitely deadly foods you eat every day.

3.      Processed meat

Easy to prepare, a great addition to food, a good alternative, and quite delicious. Processed meat is the real package, it offers so many benefits that most times we forget that it takes certain preservatives (chemicals) to keep them fresh.

A lot of observational studies have shown that processed meat consumption is a risk factor for several deadly illnesses including heart disease/ type 2 diabetes and cancer specifically colon cancer.

It is so sad that the supposed beneficial processed meat actually made the deadly foods you eat everyday list because it is actually detrimental to our health.

Healthy alternative

If you love processed meat, there is no easier way to say this. You have to quit.

15 Deadly foods you eat everyday
15 Deadly foods you eat every day

4.      Breakfast-cereals

The fact that this made the list of the deadly foods you eat every day makes me unhappy.

Breakfast cereals are literally lifesavers on days when we wake up late but need to eat something before leaving the house.

Most people also use breakfast cereals as dinner especially when they get home late. It is really hard to find someone who does not love breakfast cereals.

The major deal-breaker of breakfast cereals is the obscene amount of sugar they contain. The negative effects of sugar cannot be overly emphasized.

It is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes and weight gain which leads to obesity. also, some cereals are enhanced with artificial flavors in order to increase their taste.

Most of these artificial chemicals are extremely detrimental to the health.

Healthier option

It is advisable to look through the ingredients to decipher which cereal is edible cereal your chosen serious should be composed of lots of fiber.

To increase the nutritional composition of your cereal  I recommend the addition of fruits such as strawberries or blueberries into your next bowl or cereals.

5.      Chips

This crunchy and delicious goodness made the list. That’s sad! Right?

Chips are easily one of the most common Sense and common however they’re extremely unhealthy to the overall health of the body.

Cheese contains a high amount of cholesterol this is strongly due to the preparation method.

Potatoes are highly nutritious and delicious food however when they are fried they contain certain carcinogenic substances which make them unhealthy for consumption.

These foods are also very high in calories. Due to their crunchy field and taste, they can be consumed in large quantities.

Healthier option

As sad as this might sound, potatoes are best consumed boiled.

If you have to replace the crunchiness with some other choice that is healthy such as carrots, almonds, walnuts.

6.      Most processed food

As easy as it seems to feel your shopping cart with processed food or not this night definitely not be a healthy choice for you.

Most already processed foods are rich in sugar and salt which is a bad combination for your health. Excessive salt leads to kidney problems or hypotension while excessive consumption of sugar is a risk factor for obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Alternative option

While processed food a super fast and reliable option. They are extremely detrimental to your health. it must be hard to give up your processed food privileges easily but you can begin by reducing the amount you purchase

It must be hard to give up your processed food privileges easily but you can begin by reducing the amount you purchase.

Add more Whole Foods and vegetables when they still go shopping.

7.   Fat-free food

Due to several studies and public awareness on the dangers of consuming fatty food.

Some brands have produced and packaged some food substances that they title fat-free. Are these fat foods the past substitute?

The truth is absolutely not! most of these food branded as fat-free contain other substances like sugar and artificial component.

The negative effects of excessive sugar are deleterious to your health. The artificial component added to the food might be sweeteners or other preservatives chemicals that are extremely harmful to the health.

8.      Processed cheese

Is it healthy for consumption, especially when eating moderately? it is packed with new trends that the body requires to function effectively.

Processed cheese is absolutely the opposite of real cheese they’re packed with fats and other substances that gives them the appearance of the cheese.

There are many varieties of cheese produced by different brands, it is important that you check the ingredient list of the cheese you want to buy before making your purchase.

Healthier option

It is so much better it will cheese, it contains nutrients the body requires from dairy products.

It is also a safer option as so many processed kinds of cheese may contain artificial ingredients that may be carcinogenic.

9.      Ice cream

Just like soda, this is a liquid calorie hence your body hardly notices it therefore there’s a chance of overeating.

Overeating ice cream is extremely dangerous to your health as this sweet and delicious dairy product is packed with a large amount of sugar and this is absolutely unhealthy for your health.

Healthier alternative

I strongly recommend a homemade option. You make the decision on the quantity of sugar to use you can also decide to include lots of fresh fruits.

Frozen yogurt is also a more preferred option, look for one with good quality and purchase that instead of ice cream.

10.  White bread

This was hard for me to accept because I love eating bread, especially white bread.

I’m certain there are other people like me who also love bread too but it made the list. Therefore, we have to minimize our consumption of bread or completely remove it from our diet.

White bread is made from refined wheat which is low in nutrients as well as fiber previewed it is generally believed that almost all the nutrients are lost during the production of bread.

Therefore, you are eating lots of sugar and flour which is a risk factor for diabetes and obesity.

Healthier option

Whole grain bread is a healthier option, you can choose to make a homemade recipe with less sugar and nutrients.

11.  Microwave popcorn

I know it is pretty easy to just prepare popcorn with the microwave. It saves time and energy but does it also save our health?

Most popcorn bags use in the preparation of popcorn amid toxins when exposed to a high temperature. these toxins can be detrimental to health.

Healthier alternative

It is safer to use the older method of popping corn. Search on YouTube and will seek healthier options used in making popcorn.

15 Deadly foods you eat everyday
15 Deadly foods you eat every day

12.  Fruit juice

There are so many healthy food drinks that are considered OK for consumption as long as they are consumed in moderation.

Examples include blueberry juice. Some fruit drinks are packed with large amounts of sugar or artificial sweeteners and this is not good for your health.

Excessive sugar can lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Healthier option

Homemade food drinks are healthier options command you can also prepare a smoothie this is also a good choice.

13.  Pizza

Most pizzas are not exactly healthy for consumption. It is a bad combination of refined dough and processed meat.

They are rich in calories which is a risk factor for weight gain and obesity.

Healthier option

Don’t get me wrong, not all pieces are unhealthy, there are some healthy options. for example, homemade pizzas as you are responsible for choosing the ingredients you will be using.

14.  Baked goods

Most packaged be good for extremely unhealthy as they are rich in transfers which is dangerous to the health.

A lot of baked goods are also rich in calories which makes them a risk factor for weight gain and obesity.

Healthier option

The homemade choice is always a healthier option especially when you choose healthy and wholesome ingredients.

15.  low-fat yogurt

Most brands do not only advertise low-fat food; they also produce low-fat yogurt.

You might be thinking that this is a healthier option but you are so wrong. The fact is replaced sugar and other artificial substances that destroy the healthy quality of yogurt.

A healthy yogurt is one that contains probiotics. However, most yogurt sold in grocery stores has been pasteurized.

Healthier option

When next you want to buy yogurts ensure that you read the nutritional facts. Buy full-fat yogurt as they contain probiotics.


It is really hard to make a conscious effort to stop eating certain foods especially when they are our favorites.

However, it is important that we stop consuming these deadly foods every day as they might shorten our life span.

You can begin with a slight reduction in the rate at which you consume them. Try to include healthier food options to your diet.