10 simple ways to show you care about someone

10 simple ways to show you care about someone
10 simple ways to show you care about someone10 simple ways to show you care about someone

10 simple ways to show you care about someone

The big things matter but most times the simpler things last forever”

I can confidently say that most people have no idea about what it means to care for a person. Care is an action word; it is backed by lot of actions rather than words.

You cannot claim to care about someone however your actions do not replicate your words.  Care is more practical than vocal.

The rate of people who truly care about their friends, family, relatives, or co-workers is dwindling.

People are too busy trying to survive the ever-demanding world. Hence there is little to no time to actually practice the actions in the word care.

When you care for someone, time is not a barrier to your actions. You will devote your time towards helping the person, you wouldn’t let the person suffer pain especially when you can alleviate the cause of the pain.

Every time you say I love you to someone, you are indirectly saying you care about the person.

Nowadays people tend to thrive the word “I love you” without actually meaning it. This isn’t right, love is care and care is love.

If you don’t understand these two concepts then, your words mean nothing.

“I love you” simply means I care about you; I don’t want to see you hurt. You deserve happiness, peace, security, and all the good life has to offer.

When you say you love someone or care about them, you are making a promise to them. These three words are some of the strongest promises anybody can make.

If you are in the habit of joking with these words, it is only right that you stop it. Love and Care are very powerful emotions that can cause both bad and good depending on how you apply them.

If for any reason you want to tell a person that you love them. Ensure that you really mean every word you say; Ask yourself the following questions;

  • Am I sure about it?
  • Can I support him/her?
  • Can I correct them sternly but in love?
  • Will I be able to forgive them when they hurt me?
  • What is my major reason or motive for saying these words?

These questions will guide you; they will enable you to understand if the words spoken are insincere or genuine.


What is Care?

The English dictionary defines care as close attention; concern and a sense of responsibility directed towards someone or something.

It’s a form of devotion directed towards a particular thing or person. When we say we care about someone we are simply recognizing the sense of responsibility we feel towards the person.

People have different definitions of care. Your definition of care might be completely different from that of your friend. For example, I have a cousin whose parents were never around.

They made sure they provided their kids with lots of gifts. The kids grew up lacking parental support, upbringing, and love.

Although their parents love and care about them. Their actions were not in accordance with what they said.

Obviously, the kids did not recognize gifting as a form of care any longer. Maybe they appreciated it before but it took away something that they really want.

Nowadays I don’t gift this particular cousin, she will not really appreciate it. She appreciates simpler things like calls, texts, and presence.

If you claim to care about this particular cousin of mine and shower her with gifts. She will not recognize this action as the care she might interpret it as camouflage.

However, there are some simple and basic ways that one can use to show care to their loved ones.

10 simple ways to show you care about someone10 simple ways to show you care about someone
10 simple ways to show you care about someone

Simple ways to demonstrate care to our loved ones

Like I earlier said, people, have different definitions of care. Just like the five love languages, there are also different definitions of care specific to an individual.

For the purpose of this article, we will look at the most basic and easily neglected ways to show care to someone.

  1. Call them

This might sound overrated or outdated however, it is one of the most effective ways to show that you care about someone.

There are so many chatting apps in the world packed with a lot of modifications. We constantly chat with our friends or loved ones through these platforms.

However, creating time to pick up your phone to call someone despite the numerous chatting platforms. Is one of the most essential ways to show that you care about someone.

Chatting is regular, everybody can chat with anybody at any time. There is almost no specialty attached to a chat.

Quick question?? Why do you call an organization when you are looking for a job? When your car is bad and you need a technician why do you call? Why do you call the emergency line (911, 112)?

The answer to these questions is very simple. They are extremely important that’s why we call rather than text.

Thus, it is also applicable when we call our friends or love ones. We place them on our scale of preference, we prioritize.

If you are one of the social media enthusiasts who loves chatting rather than calling.

I believe it is time to give social media a break and actually put a call across to those you care about.

Thanks to the ever-emerging tech world, we have access to video calls on WhatsApp, Skype, and other apps.

You can actually see your loved one while speaking on a call.

How awesome is that?? Take advantage of this and place a call to those you care about.

  1. Drop a self-written text

You don’t have to search chrome to find something sweet to write about someone you love.

It doesn’t have to be a sonnet or a rhyme, it can be 2 or 3 three lines of absolutely heartfelt words.

During the pandemic, a lot of people were really afraid of contracting the virus. Hence, they forgot about the people they care for.


If you texted people you cared about at least thrice during the pandemic. Signify in the comment section.

Nowadays people prefer the “copy and paste” method. Everyone is too busy to send a short text to people they care about. At least thrice in a month.

Examples of text to send people you care about

  • I just saw an advertisement for your favorite Ice-cream flavor and I thought of you. Hope the day is beautiful. P.s the Ice cream looks …
  • Hey, Chloe is your day as stressful as mine? If not, you owe me dinner. Love you
  • I went grocery shopping today!! I got your favorite cereal. Come pick it up. P.s I’m just missing you.
  • It’s Monday not mourn day don’t wear black to work today. Lol, Have a fabulous weekend.

It doesn’t have to extreme or filled with many clichés. Expect the person like that kind of stuff.

Just make it simple and sweet, Jon Bellion’s song “Simple and sweet,” says it all.

  1. Compliment matters a lot

Compliment the people you care about regularly. Don’t stop when they say stop, don’t make it up. Ensure that it is truthful, sincere, filled with love and appreciation.

When you notice that they did something new with their hair, make-up or cloth. Don’t turn a blind eye to it, compliment them until they are blushing.

Even then don’t stop, ensure that they accept your compliment and respond with gratitude. If you have a friend with self-esteem issues who do not accept compliments.

It should be your major focus to compliment them about something whenever you see them.  Keep complimenting them till they actually believe you.

  1. Do something unexpected and nice

There is a difference between when some ask for something and when they are not expectant.

When someone asks you for something and you oblige. They are truthfully grateful for your help. However, when you personally decided to do something nice without been asked.

The person experiences a different kind of gratitude, it was needed but unexpected. This makes them extremely happy and joyous.

Make it a habit to do something really nice for people you love. It doesn’t essentially have to be a gift; it could involve other things including;

  • Throwing out the thrash
  • Making them a cup of tea or coffee
  • Preparing breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • Helping out with the laundry
  • Getting new flowers for the flower vase
  • Giving them a lift from work
  • Sending lunch to work.

You might consider these acts too simple, however, I really suggest that you don’t judge their effectiveness by how simple they seem.

  1. Use the magic words

These are one of the earliest words we had to learn in Nursery school. They are

  • Please
  • Excuse me
  • Sorry

These three words may look simple, however, they have led to serious issues. And also settle extremely complicated matters.

When you care about someone, you will be cautious of their feelings. The Golden rule says “do to others as you want them to do to you”

When you need a favor say “please”, when you are wrong say “sorry”. Use “excuse me” for an appropriate event.

Friends joke around by commanding each other playfully however this is completely different. You ought to be polite to those you care about.

  1. Dates are important!!

Birthday, Anniversary, Friendiversary, or any other dates that are important ensure that you remember.

If you have problems with remembering dates, then set up a reminder, mark it on your calendar or add it to your schedule.

Forgetting important dates is one major reason a lot of relationships suffer. Try really hard to remember the important date that matters to those you care about.

10 simple ways to show you care about someone
10 simple ways to show you care about someone
  1. Thoughtful gifts

No one is asking for a customized Telsa (P.s if that exists). It could be something really small that reminds you of them.

But hey just because I said small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get them good stuff if they like it.

If the person you like have been anticipating the cinema release of a new movie. You can purchase the ticket for them, it might not be much but it is really thoughtful.

  1. A surprise hug

When l walk around my environment sometimes, I look at certain people and decide that they need a hug.

Funny but true! some people just need a hug that tells them that everything will be alright.

If you care about someone, surprise them with a hug. That might be what they actually need, give it to them whenever you can.

  1. Doing something they love

I hear people say I don’t like doing this or eating this. However, I do it because I love them.

Well, as long as you are not allergic to it you sure can try it out. As for the fun things like rock climbing, sky diving, or other less tasking activities.

You can choose to engage in it just because you care about the person.

  1. Planning trips or days to spend together

Nothing screams care than spending quality time together. Don’t be too busy for the person you care about, create time to hang out with them.

If it isn’t too much hassle, plan a weekend getaway and enjoy each other company.


Love is care, vice versa. If you care about someone, you need to take certain actions to prove it.

What tip are you applying first and why? drop your answers in the comment section.